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Bright Futures team are all fully trained and experienced professionals from various backgrounds providing individual skills and professional qualifications.

Dominique Hendry

Project Manager

Joined Bright Futures in 2012

Dominique joined Bright Futures in April 2012 graduating from Sunderland University Community & Youth Work degree. Dominique has experience of delivering youth work sessions, one to one education and prevention work and designing accredited programmes for the organisation.

In her role as a youth worker, Dominique embodies empathy and understanding, creating a safe and supportive space for young people to explore their potential and overcome challenges.

Dominique recently qualified as an IDVA – Independent Domestic Violence Advocate and has a passion in working with women and girls, particularly those who are victims of abuse. Dominique plays a pivotal role in steering projects towards success, empowering young women towards a brighter future.

“As a Youth Worker at Bright Futures I am passionate about developing the organistion. I have seen the organisation grow and develop during the period of time I have worked there enabling me to further my skills, learning and knowledge within my role. Being able to work with young people and their families allows me to build strong trusting relationships, whilst the young people go through their transition.”

Hannah Woodward

Youth Worker

Joined Bright Futures in 2014

Hannah Woodward is Youth Worker trainee at Bright Futures, leading on the Girls Standing Up project. Hannah first became involved with the service in 2014, after she was a victim of violence. Hannah was inspired by the Bright Futures team to peruse youth work and volunteered over the years. Now working towards completing a degree apprenticeship here at Bright Futures. Hannah’s lived experience has left her with a professional interest around VAWG, which prompted her to develop our successful Girls Standing Up project.


“I still have to pinch myself I work for Bright Futures. Having my life completely changed by Bright Futures and now working here I’m thrilled to be continuing the work that transformed my life and pursue this career. It’s such a privilege to be able to work with and support young women across South Tyneside to increase their self-esteem, confidence and to feel empowered.”

Lee Crosby

Project Worker

Joined Bright Futures in 2015

Lee works as a sessional Detached Youth Worker two nights a week and has been working with the Bright Futures project since July 2015. Previously he has worked in a number of roles all of which have been centred on working with young people and families in targeted areas across Sunderland and South Tyneside.

Using sport as a tool to engage has been invaluable to Lee and he has a host of sporting qualifications including a UEFA B football coaching licence, which he uses to initiate conversations and sporting activities in the various sites he works. Lee is also qualified to deliver and assess Sports Leaders awards and this will be used by the Bright Futures project as a way of offering qualifications and awards to many of the young people that leave school with limited or no qualifications.


Lianne Reidy

Project Worker

Joined Bright Futures in 2013

Lianne works full time, supporting young people on a one to one basis around healthy relationships and exploitation. Lianne also run’s lunch time drop in’s, delivers presentations and informal education in local secondary schools  during the day.

On an evening Lianne is apart of Girls Standing up project, Mini ambassadors and generic youth work provision. When there are no group’s in Lianne is out with the team hitting hot spot area of anti social behaviour looking to engage more young people in opportunities such as social action projects, sports, key funds and more.

Whilst attending weekly sessions Lianne likes to look to develop new groups and opportunities, attending training to keep up to date knowledge to deliver to the best of her ability.


“I am passionate about my work and love helping young people develop and grow. Having grown up in South Tyneside I am aware of the limited opportunities for young people in today’s society. Due to receiving support from Bright Futures I have been able to build up my skills, knowledge and confidence and I can now support young women in a similar situation I found myself in. I am happy to be part of the Bright Futures and give others a Brighter Future.”

Toni-Leigh Pearson

Project Worker

Joined Bright Futures in 2019

Toni works part-time over the course of four days: Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. She graduated from the University of Sunderland in 2018 with a degree in Community and Youth Work Studies. Before joining the team at Bright Futures Toni volunteered as a mentor at The Children’s Society/ SCARPA Project in Newcastle City Centre where she supported young people at risk of CSE and CCE. Regarding previous employment Toni worked with the homeless community and predominantly those aged 16-24 at The Key Project in South Tyneside.

Toni began her career at Bright Futures as a detached/outreach worker working with young people on an evening to deliver informal education, accredited courses, positive activities and social action projects. Over the last 5 years Toni has been involved in delivering school assemblies, facilitating school drop in’s and classroom teaching. A big element of Toni’s role involves working with young people on a one-to-one basis to deliver our ‘Young Women’s Healthy Relationship’ Guide which covers healthy relationships, grooming and online safety. In 2022 Toni was nominated by The Key and shortlisted for NE Youth’s ‘Youth Worker of The Year Award’. Most recently Toni has completed a Level 4 Diploma in Independent Sexual Violence Advisor Training through The Survivor’s Trust.


“Throughout my career, I have taken every opportunity to support my practice and understanding of current trends, political agendas and all legislation that relates to the work I do. I am grateful for being given the opportunity to work alongside the team at Bright Futures.”

Ellen Donaghy

Project Worker

Joined Bright Futures in 2018

Ellen is a Project Worker at Bright Futures and began by volunteering in 2018 after graduating from Northumbria University with a BA Hons Degree in Criminology, and wanting to gain some experience working with young people. She spent time volunteering, learning new skills and developing partnerships with other agencies and after 12 months volunteering, became an employee at Bright Futures.

Ellen has completed numerous training courses around a range of relevant topics and helped to deliver various projects including the Mini Ambassadors, Ladies Group, evening youth work groups and Girls Standing Up.

Ellen has also completed child sexual exploitation training with NWG to help support the delivery of education work with young people on a 1-1 and group work basis in schools and throughout the community, and currently liase with the Northumbria Police Complex Abuse Team to offer our support to victims.

“I love working at Bright Futures, no two days are the same and it gives me the opportunity to work on a range of different projects, developing my skills and knowledge around ongoing issues for young people. It’s great to see young peoples confidence develop and their self-esteem grow from their time spent with Bright Futures.”

Bronwen Howard

Project Worker

Joined Bright Futures in 2017 Bronwen has worked as a project worker at Bright Futures since 2017. She works part time over the course of three days, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.Bronwen comes from an investigative background; after completing her degree Bronwen worked as a police officer for thirty years, specialising in Safeguarding. She later completed a P.G.C.E and accredited assessor qualifications and spent some time as a police trainer in Durham Constabulary’s Investigative Skills training department. At Bright Futures Bronwen works with young women who have been subject to or at risk of sexual exploitation, providing specialist support on an individual basis.

“Working at Bright Futures has given me the opportunity to work on a 1:1 basis with young women, to focus on their needs and to develop a package of support to address those needs.  It’s so rewarding to help girls and women  to work through issues that are preventing them from reaching their full potential, and  to empower them to achieve positive outcomes.”

Bridie Coutts-Young

Project Worker

Joined Bright Futures in 2019 Bridie works part time at Bright Futures as a Project Worker with the Young Mum’s Group. Bridie began working for the team in December 2019. Prior to this Bridie studied a BA Honours degree at Northumbria University in Care and Education: Early Years and Childhood studies.She then went on to have two children. Bridie first became aware of Bright Futures in 2015 when she attended a group as a young mum. She attended groups regularly and enjoyed it greatly as it increased her confidence and self belief. Once her son began nursery, Bridie began volunteering for us as she felt she wanted to help other young mums and give them the support and great opportunities she received.

“I am so grateful to be working as part of such a lovely, supportive team. From the first group session I attended, as a young mum, my motivation and confidence has come on leaps and bounds. I was very enthusiastic to help young people in similar situations to myself and support the best way I can. Seeing the mums develop, mentally, socially and emotionally and building trusting relationships with them, gives me great job satisfaction.”

Lindsey Purvis

Project Worker

Joined Bright Futures in 2021

Whilst I was studying my Public Health Degree at Sunderland University 2016-2019, I had to carry out a placement within the community. After days researching various charities and organisations within South Tyneside, the one charity that I felt very passionate for was Bright Futures. I was lucky enough to be taken on and started my placement the next week.

After finishing my degree, I was very fortunate to then become a paid member of staff for Bright Futures and join of the amazing team in 2021. Within my job role: I am involved in various projects: running the lady’s group, evening provision groups, supporting girls with CSE education, GSU programme and weekly school drop ins.

“I really love working as part of the Bright Futures team, I am very passionate about the courses we deliver to the young women within South Tyneside. Feeling like you’re making just a small difference could be a massive one to many of our clients.”

Ellie Firman

Project Worker

Joined Bright Futures in 2019

Ellie joined the Bright Futures team in January 2022 and volunteered for 10 months with Bright Futures, while at university studying Health and Social Care, before becoming an employee. Ellie always had a passion for working in schools with young people who needed extra support and when given the opportunity to volunteer at school drop ins delivering education to groups of young people, was excited to get involved.

Since then, Ellie has become a part time project worker within the team, delivering youth groups across the many projects that Bright Futures offer. Including the Girls Standing Up project, mini ambassadors, school drop ins, evening youth groups and detached work out in the community. Ellie has led on many projects and loves helping young people reach their full potential.

Alongside this, Ellie works on a 1:1 basis supporting young people at risk of grooming and exploitation, offering prevention education work, after completing her Level 3 Advanced Practitioner in Exploitation and Grooming training course. Supporting young people in schools across South Tyneside and out in the community.

“Bright Futures has never felt like work to me. Every day is unique and allows me to work on different projects and try new techniques, gaining a wide experience with young people.


“Being given the opportunity to support young women with issues I have not long ago faced myself and use my skills and experiences to support and educate other young women on important topics such as healthy relationships and grooming, is extremely rewarding. Being that supportive person in a young woman’s life is inspiring to me, that I get to be a part of their journey, watching their self-esteem and confidence grow into strong females””

Miriam Smith

Office Manager

Joined Bright Futures in 2024

Miriam joined Bright Futures in January 2024 and works part-time over three days – Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.
Miriam was unfortunately made redundant after 21 years in the construction / building services industry before working as a Personal Assistant for the NHS. However, she felt she needed a change of direction and wanted to work in a more informal, personal, hands on environment which she found here at Bright Futures.

“I really enjoy my work at Bright Futures. I love the friendly atmosphere and enjoy talking to the clients when they attend their groups at the Hub. It’s great to hear them chat, laugh and join in with others who may have experienced the same challenges and pressures. It is a very rewarding role.”

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