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We deliver a range of innovative projects to young women within their communities to support, educate, empower and influence them.

Life and Social Development

Exploring issues such as gender stereotypes, healthy relationships, sexual health, alcohol, and substance use and the impact of teenage pregnancy.

Managing & Maintaining Healthy Relationships

Exploring healthy and unhealthy relationships from both a victim and perpetrator perspective.

Personal Safety Programme

Exploring healthy relationships, grooming and exploitation and online safety.

Avoiding Violent and Exploitative Situations

Developing young people’s understanding of relationships, personal safety and risk.

Bright Futures

What we're all about

Bright Futures are a registered charity (No. 1157578) working with young women up to the age of 25 to give them a brighter future by helping them to tackle some of life’s biggest challenges including substance misuse, domestic abuse, unemployment, poor health and wellbeing, sexual abuse and exploitation.

Bright Futures

Popular Projects

Bright Futures is an accredited Centre and deliver various programmes to young women in both group work settings or on a one to one basis. The projects can be delivered formally in an educational setting or informally as part of the youth work provision we provide.

This course aims to offer one-to-one support to young women who are at risk or have experienced grooming and exploitation.

Bright Futures support young mums either one to one or in a group setting depending on the individual needs of the young woman.

Our newest project here at Bright Futures. ‘GSU’ aims to tackle violence against women and girls (VAWG) and the gender stereotypes that contribute to this.

Projects Include:

Study at Your Own Pace

Boost your career by learning new skills with Bright Futures

Features of Our Courses

Why choose us?

We provide a range of innovative work with young women within their communities to help them develop skills and take part in positive activities.

Accredited centre with One Awards

We are an accredited centre with One Awards, which enables us to offer a wide range of qualified courses not only to the young women we work with but also to volunteers and the wider community.

Gain skills and experience

Peer educators are involved in delivering educational group work sessions and accredited courses

Educational group work sessions

Our courses can be completed at a pace that suits you and can be adapted to meet your individual support needs.


To date we have educated over

young people in a range of settings including local schools, colleges and as part of our evening youth provision
“This is an amazing group that has helped my daughter with her confidence massively...she loves going to every activity each week and has made so many new friends. Thank you all so much”
Clare Marie Watson
“Bright futures is a really good place to go you get to learn new things and you have really good fun it’s for girls and boys so get you self along to have some fun”
Kayce Barnett
“I was going here for years and we did so much as a group, met new people and tried new things. Overall it helped boost my confidence and make me into a better person. I can't thank them enough for everything they have done and everything they've helped me achieve all lovely people.”
Eve Brennan
“AMAZING AMAZING AMAZING!!! I absolutely LOVE going to bright futures and by coming I've became a more confident person! I have experienced so many things and have boosted my team building skills a lot. Love going!!”
Brooke Dalton
“It is amazing you can do all sorts of things you can go for meals out what me and all my friends did just me and my little group of friends so why don't you come join and you can do thing you'd want.”
Jessica Lorna
“The staff are amazing and fun to be around they have such positive energy and that what u need when u feel down.”
Kaitlynne Viney

Want to learn more?

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